Here’s my heart!

I aspire to capture authenticity & real, genuine emotions. I care deeply about my couples and about what make their love exactly what it is!
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heyyyy, ya beautiful people !!!


I'm Lisa, a traveling wedding, elopement and couple photographer. i was Born and raised in Germany,and moved to switzerland 4 years ago. I’m lucky enough to call two places home; thailand and switzerland and i’m splitting my time between these two destinations.

A few years ago I lost my heart on koh tao, a tiny island in the gulf ot thailand, and since then I go back there as often as possible to pursue my diving career and shoot weddings and love stories around south east asia when it’s snowy and grey in europe.

I love being outdoors, eating good food and living a simple yet fulfilled life surrounded by the ones I genuinely care about.

my first encounter with photography was when i was 12 years old but it took me until 2014 to pursue it professionally. Since then I've learned a thing or two about myself, my business and the industry and became even more passionate about capturing this fierce, scary & exciting thing called love.

Human connections & the real stuff is what this life is all about so if you allow us to connect on a deeper level, then I can capture you and your love authentically and your images will reflect who YOU are!!

If that all sounds amazing to you and you’re ready for an adventure then I can’t wait to hear from you real soon



 what makes me feel alive

I few years ago I started to ask people around me this question. Because, to really get to know them, I wanted to know what their hearts desire.

“What makes you feel alive?” 

Here are some visual excerpts from my diary, things that make my heart beat faster.


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