here’s the deal

If you made it to this point,, chances are you've seen a good chunk of my work and know how I'm wired. I aspire to be more than just someone you pay for the ability to work a camera. Photography is an investment into lifelong memories and, especially if you’re planning on hiring a wedding photographer, this means you’re in for an experience! 

My relationship with my couples means the world to me. Which is why I tell you here and now, I plan on being here with and for you every step of the way! I help my couples find the perfect spot where they say their vows and plan for alternatives in case the initial plan does not work out. I carry tissues and security pins, help you find your perfect vendors and most definitely geek out over dresses and details with you.

To be completely transparent with you from the get go, here is an overview of my pricing. For more detailed information, I kindly ask you to send me an inquiry. I will provide you with a detailed pricing guide that goes over a ton more then just how much things cost. ;)

Sessions  Engagements, bridals & more

Engagements, bridals & more


Elopements & Intimate Weddings  weddings with less than 30 guests

Elopements & Intimate Weddings
weddings with less than 30 guests


Weddings   weddings with 30+ guests

weddings with 30+ guests



PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES DEPEND ON LOCATION and other factors. Contact me for more information.


This is the Lisa Lark 10 step guide to your eye watering wedding pictures. From your first encounter with me through my website to youR big YES to me sending out your precious memories in your personal online gallery, here’s how this all works and where to start.

  1. Take as much time as you need to read through my website and get all the info. Get an idea who I am and what we can make happen, envision yourself in my images and fall in love with the idea of having your story captured this way.

  2. Drop me a line via email or, even better, inquire through my contact form and give me all the deets about who you two are and what your plans and visions are. It’s best that I know a lot about you two from the very beginning to make sure I can cater you two perfectly.

  3. I schedule a FaceTime / Skype / WhatsApp video call with all of my potential clients right after they inquired so we can get to know each other a little better, dream up your own personal adventure and go over all the big and small details we both need to know before the booking.

  4. Once you decide you’re ready to commit to going with me as your own personal memory capturer, picked a date and a location I'm gonna get your contract and invoice for the deposit ready and when things are official we can pop some champagne (or simply celebrate with an iced cold IPA whoop whoop).

  5. As soon as you’ve signed the contract and paid your deposit I'll send over my wedding guide / elopement guide or, in case you've booked a session, session planning guide & styling guide. All of those contain a ton of useful information like permit requirements, sample timeline, tips for a stress free getting ready and sooo much more.

  6. For me there’s nothing worse then making a connection with my couples, getting all the legal stuff out of the way and then hearing nothing from each other until about a months before the wedding! I want to be here for you and help you plan this wonderful day with you so count on me when you have questions or need help. Staying in touch and on the same page + being up to date with timelines and vendors is something that is not only good for our relationship but it’ll also take your nerves away knowing that I am not a thing you need to worry about.

  7. A few days before your day I'm gonna confirm the last details with you so the day of your wedding everything goes smoothly and everybody knows what’s going on. Batteries are gonna get charged and memory cards emptied and I get ready for your BIG YES.

  8. Here it is. The day we’ve all been waiting for. Thanks to our preparatory work I can show up on your big day knowing exactly what’s going in when, hug you two reaaaally close and start capturing your moments while you two just focus on having your best day ever!

  9. At the end of the day (or better, night) you’ll go home with butterflies in your stomach, and I'll go home with a bunch of beautiful photos. It'll take a few weeks for me to cull and edit them to match my signature style and when they're ready you'll get a link to an online gallery with aaaall your eye-watering precious memories to share with your family & friends or to have and hold just for yourselves.

  10. Goodbyes are always hard but they don’t need to be if you’re willing to be added to my list of people I can send random dog pics and memes to because, that’s what friends are for right?!? Just kidding (or maybe not) I love to be friends AND STAY FRIENDS with my couples long after their big day so drop me a line sometime will ya?

And they lived happily ever after...


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Planning a wedding, an elopement or even a photo session comes with a million questions and I'm here to help you find answers! Here’s a bit of Information about my ways and answers to the most frequently asked questions I'm getting. I try to make this as easy and fun as possible for you but I'm also pretty sure you still have one or two questions left so don't hesitate to get in touch and ask away if yours isn't listed.


In what languages are your contracts available?

Can we get the RAW files or unedited files as well?

How does the booking process work?

What if I already had an Engagement Shoot but I want you to cover my wedding?

How do we get those natural images that show our true selves? Will you help us pose?

What if you’re already booked for our big day?

How long does it take until we get our photos back?

Do you offer photo albums and wedding boxes?

Our timeline is tight on our wedding day. Can we book “After Wedding Bridals” with you too?

We are clueless as of what to wear for our Engagement session


My contracts are available in both English and German, as these are the two languages I speak fluently.

Unfortunately, this one is a no from my side. You will probably understand that, as a photographer and a creative, a lot of work gets into post-processing my images. Though I understand that you would maybe like to try out to edit them yourself or just see how they look like without my editing on them, I personally don’t hand out unedited or even raw files to my clients to ensure that you didn’t just book me to press the button on an expensive camera but also for me, my qualities and my personal photography and editing style. Thank you very much for understanding.

Call me, send me an email, contact me via the get in touch section on my website or text me to schedule a free consultation. I want to get to know you before I show up on your big day and see if we get along and can create something beautiful together

I highly recommend doing another engagement shoot with me anyways. It will help you become more comfortable with standing in front of the camera and give us a chance to get to know each other before your wedding. And weddings booked for 6+ hours include a free engagement session.

You just be yourself and don’t worry about posing! To be brutally honest with you i even hate that word. I'm gonna give you guys a bunch of fun activities to do with each other, direct you a bit here and there and motivate you to play, have fun and get real romantic with each other if that’s your thing but no i'm not gonna pose you around like a we're shooting for H&Ms new catalogue!! I want you to be as comfortable as possible and have a good time and in the end the pictures should reflect you and not be pinterest picture perfect.

In the unfortunate chance that I can’t make it because I’m already booked or your special day is my grandmas 80th birthday or so, I know many photographers around the world that I trust to take my place and that iIhighly recommend. I usually suggest though reaching out as soon as you know you might be interested in me capturing your wedding! In many cases I get inquiries 1,5 years in advance or even earlier so be fast :)

A general rule of thumbs is around 4-6 weeks for weddings and 2-3 for sessions. i deliver sneak peeks right away though ( the day after your wedding/Session) so you already get an idea of how they look like.

That’s a yes. If you want me to design a Photo album or you are interested in a beautiful wooden wedding box ( including a USB Stick with your pictures in high resolution & a selection of 50 prints) let me know. I’m more than happy to arrange either or both for you.

Yes yes yes please! It happens more often than you think that your big day is so busy that all of a sudden you don’t really have time to leave your guests to themselves for a while and escape with me for a little bride & groom photo sesh and that is SO SO SAD! It’s your big day and I bet you’d love to have a photo of the two of you in a nice location as well and especially don’t want to look stressed in it. That’s what after wedding sessions are great for! We take the time to head to a beautiful location together and take some nice shots of the two of you in your wedding attire without the pressure of your family and friends waiting for you to come back. And to tell you a secret: After Wedding sessions are my absolute favorite because we can be super creative, do something amazing together and explore an incredible location.

First and foremost: something you feel comfortable in and makes you feel like a bad-ass!! You have no idea how often I had people ask me what they should wear for their session which is why i went ahead and designed a "styling guide" for my couples for inspiration and information, a pinterest board that’s jam packed with inspo and you're also getting a "Session planning guide" When you book me so there's sooo much info for you so you can show up to your session all prepared, relaxed and excited for a fun day! Yeay!