- Annika & Nicki

I’ve known Lisa for a while but never experienced her as a photographer so the day we went out into the forest with blankets and some homemade goodies for a nice bonfire I was getting quite nervous about how we should perform in front of the camera. I’ve seen all those cute cuddly couples in her pictures before but wasn’t so sure if this is me or better, if this is us.

We had no idea how we would be managing to get nice pictures but stay true to the type of couple we are and that’s exactly where Lisa completely stunned us. She asked us to jump and climb & fool around but it all felt so very natural. She asked us where we wanted to go and gave us a task to do in telling us to go find wood for our bonfire later in the evening. All in all it felt like the usual awesome & casual campfire with a friend all while capturing us in the most beautiful way: Like ourselves

Lisa Lübberstestimonial